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Pilot Light Home House Parent

Pilot Club of Cullman
Job Description
Role:   You have many responsibilities to a number of individuals: the child placed in your home, the agency, The Pilot Light Board, the child’s biological family and your own family. 
Goal:  The goal is to provide for the physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs of the children.
Responsibilities to the Child:
Provide a safe and comfortable home for the child to live in with a bed and place for his/her belonging.
Provide for child’s basic physical and emotional needs.
Provide for school attendance, monitor progress and note special needs and accomplishments.
Provide appropriate clothing. See that the child is clean and well-groomed.
Attend to medical and dental needs, including regular checkups as well as special needs.
Provide recreational and enrichment activities that will promote the healthy development of the child.
Provide love, care and supervision 24/7 for up to 6 foster children.
Provide opportunity for children to be involved in church attendance and activities.
To help and guide children through the grieving and adjustment process of removal from their families.
Responsibilities to the Pilot Light Home Board:
Must be certified as a Foster Parent with Department of Human Resources.
Must comply with state regulations and agency policies and procedures.
Must have read, understand and comply with the Pilot Light, Inc. Policies and By-laws.
Must keep the board informed of problems and progress of the child, including any injuries to the child.
Must be available for meetings with the social worker and the board members.
Must summit all requested documentation in a timely manner.
Must keep the agency and Board informed of upcoming request for changes in the household   including pending additions to the family, notification of impending vacations, etc.
Must provide prompt reporting of needed repairs and maintenance for home or Van.
Position- Salary/ Benefits:
Modest Salary
Workers compensation
Home provided for family and foster children – LR, DR, Kit combination, office, playroom, laundry rm., 5 bedroom, 3 full bathrooms, 1, ½ bath, extra-large double garage – fully furnished - furniture, appliances, kitchen ware, cooking and eating utensils, dishware, and bed linens, towels, etc., on ½ acre or more lot.
All utilities, insurance, phone, cable are provided.
Van is provided for transportation- all gas, insurance and repairs are covered.
This job is not 9 to 5.  It’s your life.  The children that you are taking care of can make it one of the most stressful job that you ever had.  You will take care of kids - abused, neglected - that come from broken homes, drug abusing parents, that don’t usually want to be there.   At the same time, it can be one of the most rewarding jobs, when you can be successful in making lifelong positive impacts for many children.
Alabama Department of Human Resources –                                                                                                                                                           
1220 St. Joseph Street NW, Cullman AL  35055
Contact:  Callie Smith, 256-737-5387 (wk),
United Way of Cullman County – Train Depot – 256-739-2948
304 First Avenue NE, Cullman AL 35055
Pilot Light, Inc. Board of Directors Chairman
Peggy Harris -, 245-531-2525
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